Sunday, April 1, 2012

December and Christmas With The Smee's & Spaulding's

One of the many expressions of Jackson.

Such a sweet, happy boy. He brings us so much joy!

Sink bath. His foot looks HUGE!

Jackson's 1st exposure to snow.

4 teeth! We now have 8, but he's teething as we speak.

Jackson loves his Yeh-Yeh. The feelings are mutual, as you can tell.

How cute is my boy????!!!

This picture cracks me up!!

This series of pictures is the sweetest.

Landen is so gentle and sweet to Jackson. I am so thankful he has such a great big cousin!

Oh my goodness! My heart just turned to mush!!

Corrina, teaching Jackson the finer points of guitar playing.

No one can make my boy laugh like his cousins.

Monday night dinner at GG's house.

Time for bed!

A boy ready for his food!
My brother was wonderful enough to take some family photos for us.

I adore this one of Jackson and Terry. So sweet!

The SLO Christmas Parade. Someone forgot her jacket!

Prime spots, right in front of EcoBambino!

Happy boy with his daddy.

The EcoBambino Christmas party. Corrina loves her baby cousin.

The ladies of EcoBambino.

Ariana's mom Terri and my happy boy.

Tired boy and a tired mama.

I don't think we'll be able to do this next year.

Best Christmas gifts ever.

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  1. Nice! I love the pics with his cousins especially! Looks like they have fun together. Those two of you and Terry by your brother are really good photos!! Frame worthy!!