Monday, April 16, 2012

Adventures in April

On Easter Sunday, our family traveled 6 hours north to Kirkwood, CA for 5 days of fun in the snow. Not only were the in-laws there, but Brian, Ariana and family were there! We worked the vacation schedule in such a way that we didn't even have to close the store! While overlapping our time there wasn't ideal for a family vacation, we all got to spend 3 days together for some good relaxation.

The first few days we were there, we didn't get any snow. It had dumped a foot the weekend prior to our arrival, so we were still able to ski and sled and pelt each other with snowballs. Jackson even got a turn on the sled! He was not a huge fan, and cried the whole way down with Terry. I decided to give it a go once they trudged back up the hill, but when I hurled myself down, Jackson was even more upset than when he had his turn! Poor little guy--the snow was a bit overwhelming for him. He didn't mind the cold, but definitely didn't want to be put down while we were outside.

One of the few times he allowed us to put him down in the snow.

He warmed up to it a bit, as you can tell, but was happiest when we were holding him so that he could enjoy the beauty of the snow from a distance.

My handsome boys!
He really does enjoy the outdoors; he doesn't even mind the cold! I'm hoping that his appreciation of nature will remain a constant in his life. California has so many beautiful things to see and do outside!

Our hotel room looked out directly onto one of the 3 ski lifts. All we had to do was leave our hotel room and walk about 40 feet up a hill to the lift in order to ski! We were spoiled! The view was incredible--even more so when the snow was falling. It was almost like being back in the Alps! The elevation at Kirkwood is 8,000 feet. Something tells me the Alps are probably taller, but the beauty was similar.

On Tuesday night, the snow began to fall. And it continued to snow for three whole days! It was beautiful, and since no one in California expects snow in April, we had the mountains to ourselves! I really miss the snow, but it was a whole new experience with a child. I don't envy my friends from colder climates who have to ready multiple children for below freezing weather. It definitely takes some getting used to..

Jackson really enjoyed watching the snow fall.
And now for some beautiful scenery shots!

Terry and Jackson, looking at the sledding area.

Directly outside of our hotel room!

One of three lifts within about 50 feet of our hotel room.

Our hotel building and its surrounding beauty.
Not too thrilled about being on the saucer. This didn't last long!
We had such a great time, and we can't wait to go back next year! Terry grew up skiing at Kirkwood, and I hope Jackson has the same opportunity. It's such a beautiful area--I wouldn't even mind going up there in warmer weather--it's gorgeous!

Here are a few pictures from this evening. My big boy is growing up too quickly! His favorite food right now is cubed tofu. I don't even have to cook it: he eats the stuff as is. I am thankful to have such a good eater.

Shortly after receiving his dinner. Notice the clean table, the apron, and the mostly clean face.

Now he's really getting into it. You can't see it here, but there's a large pile of strawberries in his lap.

Signing "More!" He is rather emphatic.

Shortly before the plate ended up on the ground, and about 5 minutes before bath time happened.
Happy April, everyone. We hope you had a blessed Easter with your loved ones. We sure did!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

December and Christmas With The Smee's & Spaulding's

One of the many expressions of Jackson.

Such a sweet, happy boy. He brings us so much joy!

Sink bath. His foot looks HUGE!

Jackson's 1st exposure to snow.

4 teeth! We now have 8, but he's teething as we speak.

Jackson loves his Yeh-Yeh. The feelings are mutual, as you can tell.

How cute is my boy????!!!

This picture cracks me up!!

This series of pictures is the sweetest.

Landen is so gentle and sweet to Jackson. I am so thankful he has such a great big cousin!

Oh my goodness! My heart just turned to mush!!

Corrina, teaching Jackson the finer points of guitar playing.

No one can make my boy laugh like his cousins.

Monday night dinner at GG's house.

Time for bed!

A boy ready for his food!
My brother was wonderful enough to take some family photos for us.

I adore this one of Jackson and Terry. So sweet!

The SLO Christmas Parade. Someone forgot her jacket!

Prime spots, right in front of EcoBambino!

Happy boy with his daddy.

The EcoBambino Christmas party. Corrina loves her baby cousin.

The ladies of EcoBambino.

Ariana's mom Terri and my happy boy.

Tired boy and a tired mama.

I don't think we'll be able to do this next year.

Best Christmas gifts ever.

As Promised

Our November trip to Disneyland. Jackson got to meet Mickey!

Jackson is quite the accomplished pilot.

Jackson had to try on some Mickey ears.

We are an ERGObaby family.

Landen loves his baby cousin. Jackson is his "buddy."

Jackson waits patiently to ride on Dumbo.

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Braving the pouring rain. Thankfully, it only rained the 1st day.

My sweet little love.

Family Dumbo ride.

Terry with the kiddos.

The brothers.

Jackson meets Minnie!

Family picture!