Sunday, October 23, 2011


These past few months have been beyond busy. I'm back at the store full time and I have a new appreciation and awe for working moms around the world who are able to keep everything together without losing their minds.

I vacuumed up a Saint Bernard's worth of animal hair from my living room carpet this morning because it had probably been 3 weeks since I'd last laid a hand on my vacuum cleaner. That is a simply dreadful admission coming from someone who has 3 animals living in her house--three VERY HAIRY animals. But, all of the non-essentials to daily survival have fallen by the wayside. Vacuuming (and most other cleaning activities) have sadly been moved to the non-essential list. Making sure that my family has clean underwear--THAT is essential.

Here is a list of events that have been taking place in the Spaulding household as of late:
  •  Jackson got his first tooth! It looks like it's smack dab in the center of his bottom jaw and is only visible when he gives you a big, heart-melting smile. Tooth #2 should be making its debut shortly.
  • I have a twitch below my left eye. It's been there for what feels like weeks. I believe it plans on taking up permanent residence there.
  • Terry lost a fight with a large landscaping boulder and gouged his middle finger with gusto. I told him that it was God teaching his middle finger a lesson. He didn't think it was funny.
  • I bought a can of spray paint! Even though it's to use for a home improvement project, I still felt like a hooligan who was up to no good while I was walking out of Home Depot, spray paint can in tow. 
  • I've eaten approximately 6 slices of pizza in the past week. That's just plain ol' inappropriate for a woman in her 30's. 
  • The twitch in my left eye is more prominent due to the very deep, very dark bags below my eyes. I would like to sleep for 40 hours, please. 
  • I have been out of coffee for 2 weeks. 
  • I miss my boy all day, every day while I'm at work. My heart actually aches from missing him so much.
 Here are a couple of pictures that I've taken over the past few days. I'm realizing that I'm not doing a great job documenting Jackson's early months in photos. I need to have my camera permanently attached to my hand. I feel like I miss so much of his life while I'm away from him every day, so I need to make a better effort to take photos while we're home during the evenings.  Enjoy!

My brother Brian (Jackson has TWO Uncle Brian's) with Jackson

In this series, I think he actually looks Asian!

Sweet baby boy

My little love

Practicing some of his vocal techniques

This one makes me clench my teeth because he's so cute!

Our sweet little Mel. Good girl, Mel. You're so patient!

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