Monday, August 29, 2011

End of Summer Day Dreaming

I inherited a dying cyclamen from my sister-in-law shortly before Jackson was born. I revived it and kept it alive until I re-potted it a couple of weeks ago. I looked up what a cyclamen needs in order to thrive, and in 2 weeks time, it has started growing eight more leaves! I'm pretty proud of myself. And I feel like a crazy old gardening lady.

Someday I want to have a gigantic, beautifully landscaped garden. I will tend to it with my long white hair done up in a messy bun, wearing a wide-brimmed sunhat, a lavender button-up shirt, worn out faded blue jeans, and boat shoes like my grandma used to wear. I will have one of those gardening aprons with the different pockets for spade, gardening sheers, and the like. And Terry will watch from the comfort of our wrap-around porch on his rocking chair. He'll wrap on the wooden porch with his cane when he thinks I've made a mistake, or to tell the neighbor kid to get the heck off his lawn and can't they tell that his wife works hard to make it look a certain way??? And then he'll say, "Kid's these days...." and then his sentence will trail off into a long, contented, albeit grumpy snore.

Cyclamen (US: /ˈsaɪkləmɛn/ sy-klə-men, UK: /ˈsɪkləmɛn/ sik-lə-men) is a genus of 23 species of perennials growing from tubers, valued for their flowers with upswept petals and variably patterned leaves. Cyclamen species are native from Europe and the Mediterranean region east to Iran, with one species in Somalia.
It was traditionally classified in the family Primulaceae but recently has been reclassified in the family Myrsinaceae. (Wikipedia, August 29th, 2011).


  1. That's exactly how I picture Terry as an old man.

  2. Great blog post! I miss your grandma!

  3. If I am still around at that point I think I would like to come sit and rock on your porch with a nice cold glass of prune juice and watch you work!

    I'm laughing so hard right now!!!

  5. Awesome post! I love that you wrote out this dream!!